Preventative Maintenance

At Airmech Facilities Pty Ltd we have a 'No job is too great or too small' approach to business and pride ourselves on delivering a high quality of 'preventative maintenance' to all types of commercial air conditioning and mechanical ventilation.

Why have PMA's?
To carry out preventative maintenance to your equipment is investing in your equipments and staffs future.
Preventative maintenance will result in:

Extended equipment life expectancy

Higher efficiencies

Lower running costs

Reduced breakdowns

Better air quality

Better environment

Unmaintained air conditioning equipment is the leading cause of system failure/damage not to mention the risks of poor health to staff.
This leads to higher repair costs where replacement becomes a cheaper alternative. Also running costs can be substantially increased. While higher repair costs are expensive, the down fall of unmaintained equipment leads to bacteria growth inside equipment causing sickness, which results in loss of productivity and/or time off work for your staff.

Breakdown Repairs

At Airmech Facilities Pty Ltd all our staff are highly qualified, trained, licenced and ARC TICK certified. We offer prompt and friendly service, should a breakdown occur. Our staff know how frustrating air conditioning breakdowns can be and will act swiftly and professionally in diagnosing and repairing any faults. Should major repairs be required, works would only proceed after approval, of our written fixed price quotation.

Our modern fleet of service vehicles are fitted out with all necessary tools and most spare parts for urgent repairs. Upon completion of each repair a completed and detailed service report will be left clearly detailing all works carried out.

You can be assured your premises will be left clean and tidy on completion of works. All our works are guaranteed and warranted.


Airmech Facilities is able to offer refurbishment packages, for all commercial air conditioning and mechanical services systems from replacement of high wall splits to chillers, full system designs by our in house Mechanical Engineering Team for all Commercial applications and building upgrades to meet BCA.

All systems can be competently engineered to suit your individual needs and of course your budget.

Long Term Efficiency

Low Owning Cost

Long term efficiency and the lowest owning cost for the life of the system are also considered, especially with the onset of increase power costs and carbon emissions, we can provide full details up front for your benefit. You can also be assured that all works will be carried out by fully qualified, licensed, competent tradespeople with licensed supervisors ensuring you get a quality product to enhance your business for years to come. We have your best interests as our company policy.

Airmech Facilities most recent refurbishment was the replacement of an existing 17 year old air cooled reciprocating chiller with a new Geoclima air cooled screw chiller delivering 364 Kw total cooling capacity to the Vision Centre Gold Coast. Since the installation of the new Geoclima Chiller the Vision Centre has had  extensive power savings of 7 – 10% despite a 16% increase in power cost, as quoted by the Building Manager the lowest ever recorded since the building was opened in 2000.



At Airmech we understand the purpose of accurate commissioning of air conditioning & mechanical ventilation systems is more than just putting systems into operation, regulating flows & verifying that the system performs according to its specified design.
Expert Commissioning of Air conditioning & mechanical ventilation systems is just as important as good design and maintenance.

Airmech utilizes good commissioning practices to fault find and analyse each individual system for efficient, cost effective operation which ensures the equipment operates at its optimum capacity. All systems are treated with the same level of importance from a chilled water system to a high wall split system, where a fully documented analysis of each system is undertaken and recorded for future reference and for approval by consultants and building owners.

Don’t waste your hard earned money installing an expensive Air conditioning and ventilation system without getting the maximum return on your investment, ensure it is commissioned professionally by someone you can trust.